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What is Meditation?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary meditation is “the practice of thinking deeply in silence, especially for religious reasons or in order to make your mind calm.”

As we live out each day, we are bombarded with reminders calling for us to breathe, to relax, to “stop and smell the flowers.” But how many actually take that moment? And is that all there really is to it?

Meditation is not a rigid practice, there is no right or wrong, but so many are overwhelmed with thoughts of “am I doing this right” or “I don’t think it’s working” because they have been mislead to believe that there is a “right way” to meditate.  The beautiful simplicity of meditation is that it is mearly learning  different ways to quiet the mind, to relax and to take control of yourself: body, mind & spirit without passing judgement on yourself.

Those individuals who learn to train their mind are rewarded with inner peace as well as outer joy and statistically have a higher success rate than those who do not meditate. 

Welcome to Mindful Warrior Practice where you can learn about meditation, in its many forms to discover which works best for you.

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

– Thich Nhat Hahn

Types of Meditation We Offer

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Breathing Meditation

Also known as Breath Awareness Meditation, this guided meditation session  helps you learn to breathe deeply and correctly and to relax the areas where you hold tension in your body. Benefits of this type of meditation include: reduced anxiety, improved concentration & memeory as well as greater emotional control.


Walking Meditation

Walking medtation is simply walking without a goal or intention. Often led with a mantra, walking meditaition helps you strengthen your bodys connection to the earth. Walking meditations can help improve physical strength and reduce pain. It may also improve mental health by reducing anxiety and depression.


Loving Kindness Meditation

Metta Meditation or Loving Kindness Meditiation helps the practioner to open their minds and cultivate thoughts of love and kindness toward themselves and others.This form of meditation is designed to promote feelings of graitude and compassion toward all things. It is exceptionally helpful for those seeking to control symptoms from anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Why Choose Instructor-Led Meditation?


Quiet Instruction in a Chaotic World


Meditation teachers are not psychotherapists, counselors, religious leaders or otherwise those that are there to help you solve your problems. A mediation teacher’s sole purpose is to help you create a safe space for yourself where you can clear your mind for quiet reflection or peace from our chaotic world.A meditation teacher is there to answer questions you have about your practice. A meditation teacher is a guide to help you further your meditation practice.  Attending a class with other meditation students helps those who cannot find such a quiet place to meditate, or to participate in the shared energy of the spiritual practice of meditation. Whatever calm you are seeking, you can hope to achieve it sooner with the aid of a meditation teacher. 

Meditation & The Brain

Health Benefits of Meditation

Reduce Stress

After 8 weeks of Mindfulness Meditation, the amygdala begins to shrink (the “lizard” part of the brain) and the pre-cortex begins to expand. In other words, Mindfulness Meditation can help us process our emotions better reducing stress’ effect on our bodies.


Emotional Health

Loving-Kindness Meditations can help create a positive outlook on life. This in turn helps cultivate a feeling of gratitude and self-love which is fundamental to overall happiness. This healing process of meditation can help with both outward positivity and inner healing including subdueing the effects of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress by improving self esteem and quelling negative thoughts.


Improved Memory

Regular practioners of meditation have reduced and in some cases reversed patterns in the brain that contribute to mind wandering, worrying and poor attention. Most practioners see memory and higher order functioning improve within a week of beginning meditation.


Pain Reduction

Regular meditation practioners have taught their brains not to concentrate on that which causes the pain, and consequently feel less pain than non-meditators.


Improved Sleep Quality

Those who practice meditation on a regular basis report improved sleep quality. Several different meditation techniques can help with this, but beginners should focus on body scan meditations at bedtime to see quick results.


Reduced Blood Pressure

Studies are still being conducted to scientifically prove that meditation can indeed lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk and other medical ailments that plague our modern society. Many believe that those with reduced stress have a better chance at lowering their risk factors for chronic illnesses; since meditation helps to develop higher order brain function (reacting to things thoughtfully instead of emotionally), we can control our thoughts and reactions better through regular practice of meditation techniques thereby lowering our daily stress and risk factors for such illnesses.


“Change your brain, change your life.”

– Daniel Amen

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